How to Create a Winning Twitter Marketing Strategy

15th January 2018 | by Saurabh

We always want to get more and most out of the social media platforms for the greater benefit of the business. So, how to do social media marketing.  That is a skill which we have to master for the benefit of our business. Social media marketing business is no easy task. A lot of planning and execution is required.


Businesses use Twitter for many things including sharing information and content, driving engagement for promotional activities, interacting with consumers, networking, branding and reputation management. There are 500 million tweets published every day and so it is wise to use this platform for promoting businesses.

Why is Twitter important for business?

  • The greatest advantage of Twitter is that people talk to strangers also apart from engaging with personalities from different walks of life.
  • This atmosphere where people are free to contact each other makes it the ultimate platform for customer engagement.
  • Brands and consumers have an even playing field and are able to go ahead with a clear and concise communication with the 313 million monthly active users on Twitter.

You want to create an impactful and engaging Twitter marketing strategy. Read our compiled list of best tips:

1. Establish your unique style

Be sure about how you want to project your company to the customers. Establish a well-defined brand voice which will set the tone for your entire Twitter corporate strategy. It should be fresh and original and certainly should convey your brand message. The writer should understand the pulse of the audience and must write accordingly. Usage of relevant hashtags and keeping the tweet short are the things the writer must always keep in mind.

2. Give that visual push

Complement your content with good and relevant pictures. Studies show that Tweets with images get more retweets, favourites, and clicks. Another valid reason to go in for visual aids is that brain processes images 60,000 times quicker than text.

3. Editorial calendar

Chalk out a well-thought-out editorial calendar. This is the recipe to have an endless supply of content. A live document where content is constantly edited and adjusted is a great way to stay connected with the audience. A well-planned out calendar will help us to keep track of what worked and what did not.

4. Schedule your tweets

Scheduling tweets are good and it helps you connect with your audience during prime time but if there is a lapse, then it becomes a missed opportunity. If you schedule tweets, you have to check back frequently. You can reply to tweets, retweet relevant content and tap into trending conversations. The audience will relate and connect with your brand better.

5. Join Twitter Chats

You have to grow your following. You have to grow it with the right followers. You know both are important. A classic way to do it is to join Twitter chats which are relevant to you. Make long lasting connections with other like-minded individuals and brands so that they will retweet, reply and share your content. This will amplify the effects of your message, beyond doubt. 

You too must be an active participant by replying, retweeting and following new people. If you think your tweet is of high quality and is of use to your followers, then maximise the exposure.

6. Adapt to the situation

Your editorial calendar is set and you have invested your time and energy in strategising it but certain opportunities can arise which can provide platforms for the best tweets. Jump at such opportunities and don’t shy to stray away from your calendar. Capitalise on trending topics. Never use a tragedy as a branding opportunity. Tweet with great caution during sensitive situations. 

7. Monologue out, Dialogue in

Your tweets should be a healthy mix of replies, organic tweets, and Twitter ads. They should include questions as well. Ensure your content has the right mix of organic and twitter ads content. Strong paid campaigns can impact your organic tweets and vice versa.

Put on your creative hat. That matters to make the most out of Twitter. Proper planning and continued tweaking can both elevate your brand and foster your community.


  • Remember to use twitter more for conversation and less for broadcasting. Tweet out questions
  • Make sure at least 30 to 40 percent of your Tweets are answers to others’ queries.
  • Add your own insight while tweeting links to kick-start a conversation.
  • Tweet directly to your audience.

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