Why SEO is Necessary for your Website?

27th May 2017 | by Saurabh

Welcome entrepreneurs! You have just landed on the right page.

Have you just launched your website? Are you all set to rock in your new business venture? Great!

The first step in this direction will be to opt for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This can help your business grow multifold. It is an established fact that internet is ruling the roost and users worldwide trust results that search engines produce. It is essential for your website to have a presence in the top slot to increase your credibility. Most clicks go to the top 5 spots on the first page and this is easily achievable by opting for SEO.

For the benefits of beginners, let us explain what SEO actually is?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process by which a website can be made to perform well in organic search. The key is to make the search terms or keywords rank high which in turn will increase the website’s visibility. The ultimate goal of increasing the number of visitors to the website is thus achieved. It goes without saying that the profits will increase too.


Why SEO?

SEO has a huge role to play in marketing and communication. It is an investment which will lead to the growth of the company and hence budgeting for the same is utmost essential.

Can SEO alone achieve wonders? No. It is a team game which needs to be complemented with social media, branding and other marketing strategies. Trust us, the combination works beautifully to grow your business.

The most interesting part of adopting SEO is that it will increase the sales without proportionately increasing your marketing costs. What more, you can reap the benefits of growing profits as well!

SEO gives a better return on investment than other forms of online marketing. It gives better conversions and more sales at very little incremental cost.

SEO keeps the business constantly in the race and it leverages social sharing to the best. Brand building happens smoothly too! Small and medium scale businesses should use SEO to win over their competitors.

Ushhhh! It is a secret but we will tell you! ( SEO tips )

Find what it takes to use SEO as your partner in your business success story:

1. Focus on the ‘keyword’

Zeroing in on the correct ‘search term’ or phrase to show up is the first step. Finding out what people are actually searching for is the pre-requisite for this step. You can use a Google Keyword Planner, a free tool to show you the estimate for any search phrase.

2. Check on the competitors

It is advisable to go on ‘private browsing mode’ on your web browser and look at the content that the search engine Google throws up on Page 1. The top 10 results are your competitors and you must identify and use your USP to do better than them.

3. Content matters

Put on your thinking cap and write amazing content! It has to be unique and must have the ability to take your audience by a sweep! It is utmost important to link your best SEO content internally to other pages on your website. This way you can go back and edit older posts to include links to the new ones.

4. Repetition helps!

It is a wise move to use the keyword or phrase in your page title. This will urge readers to click on and read. A bolder title with a keyword followed by several sub-headers may be useful not only for the audience but also for Google. Your keyword must feature in your sub-headers too.

Use the keyword in the URL too and this will help Google determine what your blog post is all about.

5. Using an image? Remember this…

It is wise to use the keyword in the image name too. The same rule applies for alt tag as well. Alt tags provide better image context/descriptions to search engine crawlers, helping them to index an image properly.

6. Get external links

Google determines how good you are based on external links. So it is important to have links from other websites too. It always helps when other people brag about us, what say?

As I sign off, request the readers to keep one important thing in mind. You will agree that a person holding on to a musical instrument cannot become a musician. Only an accomplished musician can play the notes to perfection. So hire top-notch SEO consultants and reap the benefits.

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