Local SEO Tips: A Beginners Guide

27th December 2017 | by Saurabh

For your business to be successful, it is important to stand out in the crowd. The best practices that you follow have to give you a special niche. You have to acquire the skill to master the local SEO tips for a killer local search strategy.


What is local SEO marketing?

Local SEO marketing or local search optimisation is the process of optimising your owned properties to generate traffic from location-based searching.

Local SEO is important because….

You know for a fact that local SEO is highly competitive.

More and more local businesses are going in for Google local three-pack. Ads and online directories are also occupying a large percentage of the remaining SERP real estate.

So, how can you outrank your local competitors?

Find out why local search is beneficial and how to do it by using these SEO tactics which you can implement:

1. Claim your GMB listing!

To reap the benefits of local search, you have to claim your Google My Business (GMB) listing for your local business. If you take a chance in this, then this will significantly diminish your chances of showing up in local search results. Once you have claimed Google My Business, you have to optimise it for your business growth. The more the activity, the better.

Google has insight into how you and your potential customers are engaging with your Google My Business listing.

Google looks into practically every single activity. Is a potential customer asking you questions? Are you answering the question? Are you updating your business hours for holidays? Are you uploading quality photos of your business or staff?

2. Are you utilising Google posts?

Google posts are the miniature version of ads and have a picture, description, offer and landing page URL. You could create a post for any event – be it an upcoming open house or your offer of a free report or white paper. Share the link so that people can download it.

You have to be doubly sure that you include keywords relevant to your business and city in the copy of the post. Your post must be so compelling that people who see your GMB listing must feel compelled to read and come back to you. After all, the big brother, Google, is watching!

Your posts have to be time bound. So Google removes posts after seven days or if the post is regarding an event, it will be removed after the day passes off. Google will send you email remainders when it is time to create a fresh new post. Experts say that Google Posts do have a mild impact on rankings.

3. Check your Google My Business category

You have to select the best GMB category for your business. This will make a huge difference in how your business ranks on Google. Find out what category your competitor’s ( One who is doing really well! ) business has been listed and you may try the same.

You could alternatively also try getting more granular. You have to keep testing till you find the right category that gives you better visibility and more leads. 

Choose the category that most accurately fits your business type. Too many categories will do you no good, rather it would dilute the specialty.  Once you find your sweet spot, you can outrank your competitors.

4. Focus on URL

URLs tell your site’s visitors and search engines what your page is about. They serve as guide for the structure of your website. Ensure that your URLs are descriptive, user friendly and concise. You may consider including keywords like the name of your city, the name of a product and the type of the service.

If your website runs on a CMS, you may have to adjust the settings to ensure that your page URLs are SEO-friendly. When appropriate, include keywords (like your city, the name of a product, the type of service and so on) in the URL.

5. Make your site secure

Making your site secure is a must add to your to-do list. Google is set to display ‘not secure’ warning signals on all HTTP pages and so it is good to buckle up. A ‘not secure’ warning may scare off potential customers and you will lose out on your business.

If you have a secure site, the HTTPS and the green locked padlock that appear next to your URL in Chrome will make your website seem more trustworthy.

The icing on the cake is that secure sites may receive a slight rankings boost. Even a minor boost, may give you an edge over the competitor.

6. Write quality content

You have to write fresh, relevant and high-quality content. This is not just for Google but also for your visitors. You have to write in such a way that you not only have to satisfy your users but also drive relevant traffic.

Make a list of the most popular questions that people ask about a particular topic. Try to weave your content to answer these questions. This will connect you instantly to your readers

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