7 Effective Link Building Techniques to Improve Search Ranking

9th November 2017 | by Saurabh

You wish to scale greater heights in the business arena. You want to use digital marketing platforms to channelise your growth. Great. You sure have worked hard to create top-quality, keyword-focused web content.

Oops…you skipped high-quality backlinks in your content thinking it is not important. Is it? … then this is a must-read for you.

Search engine optimisation rests on two factors –

1. Quality Content of a website.

2. Links that point back to the site.

So, you have to focus on link building techniques.

7 Effective Link Building Techniques

Link it up…

Google’s algorithm determines the authority of a website through the links. High-authority websites are favoured by the search engine and will appear in search results. There are two types of link building. Focus on both, the links within a website as well as on links on other sites, that point back to the site.

Like other aspects of technology, link building is also evolving. Many earlier, common link-building strategies are becoming obsolete.

So, work on the modern effective link-building campaigns which will pay off richly for improved SEO:

1. Paramount importance

You must have a strong link building strategy to boost the rankings of the website and there is no two way about it. The internet functions on links and the sites with a lot of them from other sources will be viewed as more authoritative than others which don’t have.

You sure know that every link back to a specific website is added to that site’s link profile. The rank of the pages doing the linking, the anchor text used and the page the links point to are some of the things that the link profile looks into. The link profile can actually make or break your rankings.

Build a strong internal linking structure. They will allow users to navigate a website and also establish information hierarchy for the given website.

2. Anchor text

What catches the eyeball first, makes a lasting impression on the audience. The anchor text is the visible links that the viewers will see and interact with, initially. This will make a sea difference to your SEO rankings.

Once the site is live, a top priority should be to build as many links back to it as possible using organic linking methods. This would do good for your SEO ratings.

3. Listen to the market leaders

Anything that comes from a veteran is valued. So identify the leaders and influencers in your sector and see the kind of content that they are sharing. Make a list of sites that you would want your site to be linked with and brainstorm on the strategy that will help you achieve that.

4. A good rapport helps

A simple ‘click’ on the like button will turn the tide in your favour. Like the posts of industry leaders on your lists. Comment, share and engage with the content of influential people in the industry. This will make them more likely to reciprocate your requests for a link.

5. Request Links

You have made a list of sites you would like links from. Reach out and request those backlinks. Not all doors that you knock at, will open. Stay determined and continue in your pursuit. You will make progress slowly and steadily. You could take help from a journalist attached to an online news outlet to score some high-quality links back to your site.

6. Create exemplary content

You are into business and you need to out-beat your competitors. Identify competitors with frequently-linked content. Study and review this content and leave no stone unturned to write better than that. Focus on high-quality content with attractive images, and appearance of the website with clean, professional design will make your site seem more appealing.

Establish contact with the sites that had links to your competitor site and ask them if they are willing to replace those links with your own content.

7. Watch out for mentions

There is a possibility that a blogger or other online source made a mention about your content without linking back. If so, request the site owner for a link to be added. Watch out for dead or outdated links to your content and notify the owner of the site to update that information which will boost your web traffic and also improve your site quality.

You have to not only master the techniques of coupling various aspects like keyword usage, content, backlinking and meta data to work together for best results but also understand how they have changed in recent years.

By carefully working on link building which is the important element of a successful search engine optimisation strategy, you can help your content reach the top of the search results.

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