11 Easy Ways To Generate Traffic To Your Website

16th June 2017 | by Saurabh

Your entrepreneurship pursuit may throw in many challenges and overcoming them skillfully is essential to establish your business. One of the most common challenge is the decreasing traffic to the website. If you are a business owner who wants to drive relevant traffic to your website or a marketer who wants to help your clients.


Find below 11 easy tips which can drive traffic to your website:

1. Long-tail keywords

It is important to move from focusing on a single keyword to relevant terms and phrases related to the topic. Ensuring the usage of long-tail keywords can make a huge difference to your website traffic. On the other hand, make sure to have topical content and relevant keywords so that you have the chance of being found even for the most obscure keyword.

2. Catchy content

Interesting and catchy headlines which attract the attention of the readers can help, more so when it is shared via social media. Also, keep a constant check on your old posts for unique and relevant title tags, URLs and meta descriptions.

3. Groupism helps

Initiate a forum on your website which can begin ranking for long-tail keywords. They not only increase time-on-site but also decrease site’s bounce rate. Start a Facebook group where members can get answers to their questions. Make sure to point the members back to your website’s content wherever it is relevant. Join a blogging community, which will help you cross-promote each other’s content. Connect with bloggers who are linked to your website. Asking a guest blogger to write for you is also one of the ways to drive website traffic.

4. Promote your blogs / Promotion is the key

It is wise to include links to your blogs on your emails. This can slowly but steadily increase traffic, leads and sales. If there is a HARO (Help A Reporter Out) query, answer it. This few-minute exercise can work in your favour. Posting high-quality blogs more frequently is a sure shot way to drive website traffic. While promoting your post, make sure you mention the name of the person whom you have quoted.

5. ‘Link’ it up / Include useful links

Keeping the readers in mind, include other relevant posts in your posts. This has multiple benefits – it is good for SEO, increases time-on-site, conversion rates, and referral traffic. Include links back to your website on Facebook ‘About page’, in photo descriptions and in the comments of your post.

6. Showcase yourself

Contribute to relevant, high-quality, niche websites in your sector as a guest blogger. It has been tried and tested that guest blogging actually helps in building your business. You could also become a columnist for a well-known website which will not only help you establish yourself as an expert in the given field but will also drive traffic to your site.

7. Use social media to the best

You can become a member of industry Facebook and Linkedin groups and establish contacts. By giving valuable advice, you could also be looked upon as an authority in your sphere of work. Respond to the comments on your blog which will help you build a relationship and also drive commentators back to your site. Share your blog posts on your Facebook page. Get on to Youtube as it drives the most engaged traffic out of all social media sites.

8. Channelise your energy

Make a complete study of the analytics to zero in on your main traffic drivers and focus on these areas. Trading a banner ad with a complimentary site in your niche might be one way to do it. You could write a post about the top 10 blogs in your niche.

9. Make proper use of categories

Organise your content into relevant categories which are great for SEO. It also helps readers immensely.

10. Become an ‘expert’

Write long-form authoritative posts that will garner links and attention over the long haul. Make it a habit to comment regularly on a popular blog in your niche to drive referral traffic.

11. Interview influencers

Connecting with influential people in your niche will definitely help. If they are interviewed, they are more likely to share it with their contacts which will be helpful to drive traffic.

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