6 Best Social Media Strategies to Grow Your Business

6th March 2017 | by Saurabh

The world is shrinking, thanks to the development in communication. The emergence and widespread use of social media has connected people across continents beyond doubt. It is only wise to shift from an old school of advertising and marketing to social media platforms (for the same).

It is indisputable that harnessing the power of social media is a must for the business to grow. A carefully managed social media campaign can bring in great results. In today’s world. It is a must to have a strong online presence to achieve greater targets in your business.


Find out the 6 best social media strategies to develop your business:

1. Use all platforms

Firstly make sure you have an account on all social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter) and you have to maintain it.If you stick on to the social platform that you are comfortable with, you might miss out on followers/clients. Post across all networks for leverage the benefit of social media for your business.

2. Be consistent

You have to be consistent to stay connected…ie…you have to post regularly. Chalk out a plan of action for what and how often you are going to post and stick to it. This way you can develop an engaged following in the long run. Haphazard style of working will adverse the effects.

3. Platform-specific content

It is understandable that message to be delivered across social media platforms is the same but posting the same content verbatim across platforms won’t help. Formatting the content for each platform is the key – use photos for Instagram, long posts for LinkedIn, videos and memes for Facebook and short announcements for Twitter.

4. Focus on that ‘one’ platform

You might find that one platform that works really well for your kind of business and your kind of customers. Take advantage of the same and use it wisely to climb up your success ladder.

5. Maintain brand identity

You have to ensure that your content aligns with your message. Check twice if your post will help your brand and if not, refrain from it. Whatever you post in the virtual world, must be keeping your brand identity in mind. Stick to your point always. You sometimes have to post important content that necessarily might not be popular but you still have to do it. This helps in establishing your validity in the market and also serves as a foundation for your company.

6. It is all about balance….

Though your social media site is supposed to be about your business, it also needs to gain the attention that you think it deserves. You need to make the right mix of popularity and business and cater to the audience. Your informative side must boost the reputation of your business.

Social media is affordable and this under-used platform can help every aspect of your marketing strategy. What are you waiting for? Start off, right away!!

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